Your digital aid in dialogue with children

BarnSam is the digital aid that helps to carry through the statutory conversations with family-home-based children.

The app helps freeing time from administration so that more time can be spent in conversation with the children. The method and technology also contribute to strengthened relationships and successful meetings.

BarnSam makes it easier to conduct qualitative conversations with children

When using the BarnSam app, social workers free more time to talk to children. It also contributes to systematics and knowledge that can be used at an aggregated level. the social workers gain knowledge of the child’s sense of context, attachment and security. This helps the child get the right support and help.

The material that comes out of the conversation is then used as a basis for follow-up of the perfomance plan and necessary documentation. The results can also be used at an aggregated level and is the basis for operational development. The goal is to have a safe and happy environment for you to work with the children.

How BarnSam is used to aid conversation with children

With the help of special questionnaires, the children can answer structured questions in consultation with the administrator. The results become measurable and monitorable.

The forms are based on KASAM and they are available in two versions, depending on age and maturity. The questions are answered with symbols in the form of happy and sad faces, to meet the child at their level. Everything to make the conversation easy and open to deeper conversations, which can be documented as comments in the survey.

How to analyze and benefit from conversations

Each survey result generate a KASAM score, which is also broken down into three different focus areas. This can be used as basis for further conversation with the child to gain a deeper understandig of their situation.

Prior to the next conversation you can easily go back to historical data for the child and see what areas were good or bad and read comments that were made.


The children’s own experiences of BarnSam have been very positive:

” Nobody has talked to me like this before and it feels like you understand me much better now! “

The social workers are also very positive:

” The quality of follow-up conversations is increased and the method is easy to use “

Are you interested in trying BarnSam out, or do you need more information?

You can run a trial of BarnSam as a pilot project in your municipality. Many municipalities already do it today.

Barnsam is developed and maintained by Samsoft Group AB

Samsoft Group AB is an health tech IT company that maintain and develop software for the health sector.